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  • Titill er á ensku Nigerian educational development & need for quality sustainance
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    This paper discussed the educational development in Nigeria with interest on its general education policy and system. While pointing out that the present system of education was intended for academic and technological education, but both human and material resources were not adequately provided making it lack reality in the classroom. The paper did emphasized the need for improved education for quality sustenance, that is maintaining or finding means of support to well developed educational system (6-3-3-4 system) that is already in existence for quality education sustenance. Also the paper suggested how to maintain quality in the educational system, which has often been serious issues that posses challenges faced by schools. For example lack of required number of trained teachers, lack of adequate facilities for teachers, teachers´ poor attitude to work, poor wages among others. The researcher then suggested immediate addressing of these difficulties that affect educational development in Nigeria to ensure quality education system that is in line with students´ aspiration, and what is required in the country to make it capable to propel its system toward economic and social emancipation. To maintain and sustain quality, the researcher suggested students should be made or motivated to learn based on the curriculum and subjects of the current education system as it is intended because it was introduced to achieve 21st century education needs. Such an education system, with good implementation and actual classroos, sustains quality education. So well-trained and qualified teachers are recommended and the requisite tools for teaching and learning should be made available, technology and academic education sustained, and others like moral, cultural values, etc should as well be taught in schools. The researcher also emphasized on the need to choose as standard technical and academic education with quality maintained and sustained, because the way out of series of bondages plaguing them and their countries is through quality education, and experience has proved it in the developed countries like the western world countries.

  • 14.10.2016

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