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  • Titill er á ensku Multiple dimensions of bilingualism : a theoretical overview.
  • Bakkalár
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    In this thesis we explore the multiple dimensions of bilingualism to challenge conventional understandings that can stigmatize and marginalize non-conventional bilinguals. There is no agreed upon definition of bilingualism from researchers or linguists, and this has resulted in important aspects of the psychological and sociocultural contributions to bilingualism being overlooked. As a consequence, it is often assumed that bilingualism refers only to linguistic phenomenon thus ignoring other important and influential dimensions of the term.
    Our thesis is structured to first provide a theoretical overview of the multiple dimensions of the term bilingualism. In the first section, we discuss the positive and negative impacts of bilingualism on cognitive development. We then explore the relationship between bilingualism and psychological and socio-cultural factors. Skutnabb-Kanggas (1981) and Grosjean (1982) argue that bilingualism is indeed more than a linguistic phenomenon since the notion of an individual becoming bilingual is largely influenced by other aspects; namely, the psychological and sociocultural context. Li Wei (2002) further argues that struggles of identity are not the result of being bilingual but are “connected to social, economic and political conditions surrounding the development of bilingualism” (Baker, 2011: p.400).
    We conclude that bilingualism is a multidimensional continuum that should be defined and investigated as such. Therefore, the way that the term is understood should reflect the reality of a world that is continuously evolving and affected by language, communication and culture.

  • 14.10.2016

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