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  • Titill er á ensku Definition of done in practice
  • Maí 2016
  • Definition of Done is an artifact that is used to define when a software feature is completed and what work has to be performed so that a feature can fulfill its main goal of being a potentially releasable functionality. It is especially used in Agile processes for project management, like Scrum. Customers often experience that they are not being delivered the right kind of quality when development teams push out a new product feature from their latest project period. This study gives insight into how Definition of Done is being used in Icelandic software industry, what can be achieved by following it and what problems can the development team face if Definition of Done is not practiced as the literature advises. The study was conducted at an Icelandic software development company using the Scrum development process to develop products to assist project managers in their work. Three individuals from the company were interviewed. The main focus of the research is to deepen the understanding of Definition of Done and how it is used by interviewing people holding different roles within a Scrum team. The interviews centered around defining the Definition of Done, who should be held responsible for implementing it, who should be responsible for enforcing it as well as how the process is perceived by each participant, in generality and when it comes to quality.
    The results indicate that the responsibility is perceived differently by participants. All agree that it’s vital for a team to have Definition of Done but the definition should not be too complex because then it will not be used. The results also indicate that Definition of Done, if done right, can and should promote both product and development process quality.
    Definition of Done, similar to Scrum, is easy to explain but difficult to master
    Keywords: Project Management, Agile, Agile Methods, Scrum, Definition of Done (DoD), Scrum Team, Software Development, Quality.

  • 10.11.2016

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