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  • Titill er á ensku Developing an annual plan for an elite shot putter : a single-case research design
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    Periodization is the foundation in the training plan for athletes. Periodization divides training into smaller segments that are easy to manage and organise. Traditional periodization model is divided in three steps preparatory, competitive, and transition. Block periodization model has the main objective of multiple peaks in a season for athletes at high level of performance. The objectives of the research was to develop a concrete annual plan for an athlete and the results of the research will be a fully developed annual plan for a athlete training for shot put with a goal of qualifying for the Olympic games in Rio 2016. The athlete is 200 cm tall and his weight is
    125kg. The athlete was 132 kg when he set his personal best 20.22 m in 2012. The athletes physical and technical foundations for shot put are good. The main performance objectives are to throw 20.50 m or better and qualify for the Rio Olympics in 2016. The main training objectives are to improve throwing technique and increase strength and power. The annual plan is build up with block periodization and covers one year it is divided into four macrocycles. The macrocycles are divided into three mesocycles blocks, accumulation block, transmutation block and realization block. The first macrocycle covers 17 weeks. The second macrocycle covers nine weeks. The third macrocycle covers 12 weeks and the fourth macrocycle covers nine weeks. The annual plan represents a strong structure that is going to help the athlete to achieve the objectives of the annual plan. Periodization is a good form to develop an annual plan for an athlete and studies have shown that periodization works.
    Keywords: Periodization, annual plan, Shot put, volume and intensity, block periodization

  • 24.11.2016

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