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  • Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility in the Container Shipping Industry: A Case Study of the Triple E as part of Maersk's Sustainability Strategy
  • The oversupply within the Container Shipping Industry in combination with a global trade slowdown of the last decade has set an unprecedented financial pressure on Container Shipping Liners over the world. This expressed itself in the record low shipping rates in 2016 for the Asia-Europe route and ultimately the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping in August 2016. Given this context, the present study analyses the relevance of Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (SCSR) to improve the industry´s practices and resilience. This is achieved by a thorough literature review that contextualizes a case study of Maersk's SCSR and its biggest containership, the Triple E. With focus on Maersk Line´s innovative Triple E project, this research aims to demonstrate the environmental and overall benefits of the company´s full immersion in SCSR practices. This study further analyses the Triple E as the principal factor in the company´s greater fulfillment of its SCSR and business objectives. Also, this case study aims to provide a general research model of SCSR implementation in the Container Shipping Industry. The findings comprehensively determine the motivations behind Maersk Group's SCSR implementation and the drivers behind the Triple E´s incorporation. Finally, the results provide evidence of the link between SCSR and innovation, business success, and resilience in the Container Shipping Industry. Additionally, the findings link SCSR practices to the improvement of the environmental performance of Maersk Line, particularly by reducing its CO2 emissions.

  • Jan 6, 2017
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/26506

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