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  • How economic perceptions shape environmental attitudes. A case study of the Dreki-Area oil exploration
  • The aim of this thesis was to explore the relationship between public perception of economic conditions and public attitudes towards environmental issues, using oil exploration in the North Sea as an example. Furthermore, it aimed to reveal how common exposure to economic information, such as through the media, may influence public opinion on these issues. The research design took direction from previous work done in the fields of political science and psychology on the related concepts of framing and priming. Study participants were divided into groups, given different artificial news reports on economic conditions, and were asked to answer a survey questionnaire that included questions on the oil exploration. Results indicated that, among those unfamiliar with the issue and its potential impacts, perceptions of economic conditions were a significant indicator for approval of the oil exploration: Those who perceived the economic conditions to be more negative were significantly more approving of the oil exploration than those who perceived economic conditions more positively. Additionally, exposing participants to either positive or negative news reports about the economy had a significant impact on approval of the oil exploration, in which those exposed to negative news reports on the economy were more approving of the oil exploration than those exposed to positive reports. Results showed that economic news coverage has the capacity to influence public attitudes towards environmentally related issues.

  • Sponsor is in Icelandic Kolvetnisrannsóknasjóður
  • Jan 10, 2017
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/26566

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