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Titlar 94 til 118 af 615
10.11.2016Definition of done in practiceBjörgólfur Guðbjörnsson 1985-
31.8.2017Demand forecasting and optimizing room allocation at Icelandair HotelsHelgi Þór Guðjónsson 1987-
20.6.2018Describing the glucose-lactate consumption rate during expansion and osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells: A premise for building a systems biology model of osteogenesis using metabolomics analysis.Þóra Björg Sigmarsdóttir 1990-
27.6.2018Design and Simulation of a DC Microgrid for a Small Island in BelizeGrant, Jordon Ashley, 1986-
31.8.2017Design of a cage for landing sea- frozen fish productsHelgi Már Gunnarsson 1991-
20.6.2018Design of a suspension system for a formula student race carIngi Níels Karlsson 1987-
19.6.2018Designing a safe power grid for geothermal drilling in the Hellisheidi areagiGuðmundur Vignir Rögnvaldsson 1983-
13.2.2019Designing and constructing a prototype standalone bioreactor using 3D printing and finite element analysis: A tool to define osteogenic differentiation in a 3D mechanical environmentSigurður Rúnar Rúnarsson 1991-
24.11.2016Developing an annual plan for an elite shot putter : a single-case research designÓðinn Þorsteinsson 1981-
20.6.2019Development of a dynamic multi-belt scale for IQF sortingSævar Örn Einarsson 1992-
13.2.2014Development of Clinical Assessment strategies for patients undergoing Total Hip arthroplasty (THA)Benedikt Magnússon 1986-
18.2.2016Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy for Space Cooling in NicaraguaJón Sigurður Pétursson 1988-
1.7.2015Disputes and Conflicts within Construction Contracts in the Icelandic Construction IndustryBirkir Kúld Pétursson 1984-
13.6.2019Does simulation improve learning outcomes for project managers? : if so which competence areas of the eye of competence are affected the most?María Helen Eiðsdóttir 1977-
3.8.2016DTI technology : integration, assessment and development of new process to improve surgical planningÍris Dröfn Árnadóttir 1989-
1.9.2011Durability of Non Air Entrained ConcreteÞórður Ingimar Kristjánsson 1974-
20.8.2015Dust Maker a Volcanic Ash Dispersion UnitEiður Örn Þórsson 1979-
11.2.2014The dynamic behaviour of multi-story reinforced concrete building in a seismic and windy environmentÖrvar Jónsson 1988-
18.6.2019The dynamic evolution of geothermal system in Lahendong, North Sulawesi, IndonesiaSuherlina, Lily, 1993-
29.8.2016Economic and operational feasibility study : conversion to electric bus for Gray Line's airport routeCarpico,Kimberly Ann, 1980-
13.2.2013Economic Comparison between a Wellhead Geothermal Power Plant and a Traditional Geothermal Power PlantCarlos Atli Córdova Geirdal 1970-
29.10.2012Economic Effect of Implementing Electric CarsJóhann Sigurðsson 1982-
31.8.2017Economic Impact Factors Regarding the Arctic Region - Cross Impact Study via the Delphi MethodFreydís Dögg Steindórsdóttir 1984-
21.6.2018The Economic Impact of the Icelandic Regulating Market on a Wind Power ProducerMcIlraith, Gaynor, 1994-
18.2.2016Economic Modeling of Cost Effective Hydrogen Production From Water Electrolysis by Utilizing Iceland's Regulatory Power MarketJacobs, Jeffrey David, 1992-