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Titlar 69 til 93 af 614
5.7.2012Capacity of concrete beams prestressed with BFRP tendonsSindri Hlífar Guðmundsson 1986-
4.2.2016Casing Coupling for Extreme Temperature SettingHaraldur Orri Björnsson 1984-
1.7.2015Classifying Drug-Induced Epileptic Seizures in Zebrafish LarvaeLilja Níelsdóttir 1987-
19.6.2019Combined conceptual and supercritical numerical model of the Reykjanes peninsulaSam Alexander Barton 1987-
6.6.2019Communicating vision and strategy from leaders to front line : methodology and best practice to translate and communicate vision and strategy for strategic programs from leaders to front lineAðalsteinn Ingólfsson 1970-
19.6.2019Comparison of asset pricing models using Icelandic stock dataÓlöf Embla Kristinsdóttir 1994-
31.8.2017Comparison of the application of risk management to medical devices guided by ISO 14971 and STAMPHelga Einarsdóttir 1988-
31.8.2017Complexity Analysis of Lumped Parameter Models: Development of Complexity Reduction AlgorithmYuxi Li 1991-
9.2.2015Conceiving, compiling, publishing and exploiting the “Icelandic 16-electrode EHG database”Ásgeir Alexandersson 1984-
2.11.2010Concrete walls founded on earthquake areasHelgi Sigursteinn Ólafsson 1979-
29.1.2013Continuous Basalt Fiber as Reinforcement Material in Polyester ResinJón Ólafur Erlendsson 1973-
29.8.2013Continuous improvement projects in certified organizations in Iceland: Traditional projects or not?Sigríður Jónsdóttir 1964-
27.6.2019Conversion of oil and gas wells to geothermal reinjectionVedran Zikovic 1990-
12.2.2019Cortical- and kinematic response during adaptation and habituation in human upright posture, using HD-EEGRún Friðriksdóttir 1991-
27.8.2014Cost and linear optimization model of Aluminium billet production at ISALSunna Björg Helgadóttir 1983-
15.2.2017Cost-Benefit analysis of a terminal lounge at Keflavik airportSigurður Möller 1989-
1.7.2015Critical Success Factors for Planning, Scheduling and Control in Design and ConstructionElías Bjarnason 1988-
31.8.2017Customer Segmentation in Electronics Retail Using Self-Organizing MapsSigurður Jónsson 1986-
4.11.2010Data collection and use in the Icelandic fishing industryAri Ólafsson 1985-
2.7.2015Data driven approach to sports management : a case study using major league baseballJón Ragnar Guðmundsson 1985-
5.3.2012Decision Making in Darkness: an Analysis of Initial Decision Making Prerequisites in Public Projects in IcelandAndri Már Reynisson 1985-
5.2.2015Decision Model for the Arctic – Cross-Impact AnalysisSigurður Valur Guðmundsson 1984-
29.8.2013Decisive complexity : the NLSH decision making process compared with theoretical decision making modelsHans Gústafsson 1960-
20.6.2018Deep Learning Approach to Nematode Detection in Hyperspectral Images of Cod FilletsSaulius Genutis 1990-
21.6.2018Deep Learning for Power System RestorationAlexander Moses Danielsson 1991-