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Titlar 381 til 405 af 614
25.8.2016Offshore wind potential in North Carolina and possible configuratonsSmith, Richard Francis , 1990-
1.10.2012On the Effects of Buoyancy on Passive Particle Motions in the Convective Boundary Layer from the Lagrangian ViewpointBouhlali, Lahcen, 1975-
1.9.2011On using acousto-electric interaction effect for current mapping in denervated degenerated muscles: feasibility study, design and testing of instrumentationBjörg Guðjónsdóttir 1983-
22.3.2017An onshore wind resource assessment for Iceland using HARMONIE reanalysis data with consideration to hydrological reservoir flowsDanielle Christine Preziuso 1993-
29.9.2015Optimal training frequency in bodyweight and resistance high-intensity interval training for healthy adultsErla Guðmundsdóttir 1980-
10.3.2016Optimal Well Placement in the Theistareykir Geothermal Field for the Next Well in SuccessionJefferies, Basil Alxeander Ira, 1990-
12.2.2014Optimization and Profitability of Hydro Power combined with Wind PowerEgill Skúlason 1973-
3.8.2016Optimization model for assigning teachers to classesInga Lilja Eiríksdóttir 1986-
20.6.2018Optimization Model for Cogeneration of Hydro and Geothermal PowerHarpa Rán Pálmadóttir 1991-
20.6.2019An optimization model for doctors’ schedules at Landspítali - The National University Hospital of IcelandSigrún Bryndís Gylfadóttir 1992-
2.7.2015Optimization of the gate assignment problem at Keflavík International AirportHanna María Hermannsdóttir 1988-
11.2.2013Optimization of the operation of a network of low temperature geothermal reservoirsHrannar Már Sigrúnarson 1975-
20.6.2019Optimization on the number of open security lanes at Keflavik International AirportSandra Ósk Magnúsdóttir 1992-
31.8.2017Optimized Billet-Production Scheduling for an Aluminium Casting HouseGarðar Ingi Reynisson 1987-
4.8.2016Óvissa í landshlutabundnum skógræktarverkefnum og stjórnun hennarKári Steinar Karlsson 1966-
12.9.2017Patterns in the project managers’ rhythms, habits, routines and ritualsKristján Ingi Sigurðsson 1989-
2.3.2016Perceived corporate social responsibilities and employee commitmentWehrlé, Elise, 1992-
8.8.2013Performance metrics in air traffic management systemsHulda Ástþórsdóttir 1964-
19.3.2018Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) – based system for event detection on synchronous generatorsNicholas Mark Randall 1988-
12.9.2017The Phenomenon of uncertainty in projects: How teams can understand its impacts and respond successfully.Kristrún Tryggvadóttir 1975-
11.2.2014Phosphorus and its effects on the current effciency in aluminium electrolysisPetre Manolescu 1984-
12.6.2019Physical activity and sedentary behavior in work environment : health promotion and changes to company´s cultureSteinn Baugur Gunnarsson 1984-
1.8.2012The physical and physiological difference between soccer academy players and their non-academy teammatesSveinn Þorgeirsson 1987-
12.2.2019Physiological response of skin to localized cooling as recorded by thermal imagingLilja Björk Indriðadóttir 1992-
7.9.2015PICTURING THE MPM-DEGREE: Implementing educational value through visual managementÍris Hrund Þórarinsdóttir 1982-