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  • SENSE tool deployment: Report on the testing of SENSE-tool and EID scheme in food chains - SENSE Deliverable 4.2
  • January 2015
  • This report is part of the SENSE project (www.senseproject.eu) The aim was to develop a web based tool aimed at facilitating a harmonized sustainability assessment for the life cycle of products for SMEs in the food sector. The SENSE tool is designed with a user-friendly data entry and harmonized life cycle assessment (LCA) methodologies to calculate environmental impacts. The assessment when using the SENSE tool is simplified for SMEs by applying selected input data defined as Key Environmental Performance Indicators (KEPIs). The reporting includes the Phase 3 validation during pilot implementation of the SENSE tool in external companies in the fruit juice, meat and dairy and salmonid aquaculture food sectors.

  • Project co-funded by European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme, Project no. 288974. SENSE ‘HarmoniSed Environmental Sustainability in the European food and drink chain’
  • Mar 20, 2017
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/26934

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