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  • Titill er á ensku Dyslexia, more than a reading disability: Are reading problems associated with a deficit in featural processing
  • Bakkalár
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    Objective: In this thesis, we want to determine if people with reading disabilities show deficiencies in facial perception compared to typical readers, in particular featural processing of faces. Dyslexic readers show hypoactivity in brain regions involved in recognition of words and featural processing, and previous research has suggested that dyslexic readers are impaired at perceiving faces compared to typical readers. Method: A total of 60 participants participated in the study. All were undergraduate students or had graduated with a bachelor degree within the past two years. History of reading problems was measured using the ARHQ-questionnaire. Featural and holistic processing of faces was assessed with a face perception task. Results: Featural processing of faces predicts reading abilities to some extent, indicating that a history of reading problems was associated with poorer featural processing of faces, when response time, prior diagnosis of ADHD/ADD and holistic and featural processing were accounted for. Conclusion: Reading problems could partially be caused by deficits in featural processing. The hypoactivity in the visual word form area and adjacent tissues shown in dyslexia could therefore represent a general impairment in featural processing.

  • 2.6.2017

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