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Titlar 3.982 til 4.006 af 4.330
1.1.2002Ward sisters´perception of their role : phenomenological studyÁgústa Benný Herbertsdóttir
1.1.2006Wave : a Java based warehouse visualisation environmentLaurent F. Somers
14.6.2021Way down we go : using bottom trawling to survey benthic debris in Icelandic watersBlache, Mathis, 1996-
8.12.2010Well Design & Well Completion under Acidic Conditions: Mitigation of corrosion of the wells of KraflaGabor Rajnai
6.6.2016Western-Icelanders, past and present : Icelandic identity among late-generation ethnics in CanadaArnbjörg Jónsdóttir 1987-
25.6.2012Whale watching in Iceland : an assessment of whale watching activities on Skjálfandi bayMartin, Sara Marie, 1985-
29.10.2020Whale-watchers' perceptions of whaling in IcelandHenderson, Erin Helen Mary, 1994-
14.6.2013Whaling and international lawGuðlaugur Hrafn Ólafsson 1984-
18.6.2020What are you whaling for? : rationalizing conservation and indigenous customary fishery : case study of customary fishery of Lamalerans in Indonesia’s Savu SeaMaukar, Maesa, 1987-
20.6.2019What did our dinner have for lunch? : analysing microplastics by dissolving fish guts from Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and saithe (Pollachius virens) from the west coast of Icelandde Vries, Adriana Neeltje, 1995-
26.5.2014What is morality? : Pascal's Heartfelt answerBaruchello, Giorgio, 1974-
26.5.2014What is morality? Colloquium in honour of Mikael M. KarlssonMeckl, Markus, 1967-
3.10.2007What is the theoretical and practical framework which shapes the nurse - patient relationship?Hólmfríður S. Kristjánsdóttir 1959-
9.9.2014Where are all the fish? : a political ecology analysis of local fish networks and the gift economy in the Westfjords of IcelandSmith, Jennifer Grace, 1983-
12.4.2013Where categorizations of self and others meet : some remarks on Erik Allardt’s theory of struggles for recognition between ethnic groupsSärkelä, Arvi-Antti
18.2.2021Who is really pirating the seas? : a study on European overfishing in the Gulf of GuineaBourmaud, Svetlana, 1995-
27.5.2019WHODAS 2.0 : íslensk þýðing og prófun á mælifræðilegum eiginleikumHafdís Hrönn Pétursdóttir 1971-
14.8.2017Why so serious? : using serious gaming as an ecosystem service management tool for the Wadden SeaMandewirth, Marvin, 1991-
24.6.2013The wider impacts of universities : Habermas on learning processes and universitiesLarsen, Jesper Eckhardt
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8.12.2010A wind-power fuel cell hybrid system study: Model of energy conversion for wind energy system with hydrogen storageKatarzyna Sobotka
23.5.2014Winning the war of the worldMcMurtry, John
22.10.2018Women in the Arctic : economy, governance and politicsGrilli, Adamaria, 1947-
8.3.2018Women involved with fisheries in the Northern Westfjords of Iceland : roles, perceptions, and hopeYingst, Alexandra, 1993-