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  • Titill er á ensku The Knight and the Jester : an examination into the conflict between two opposing forces
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    One of the most important components of storytelling is character building. The way characters come together in a dimensional way can either make or break them. Ultimately, it is the depth and range that immerses us in the stories and characters. Conflict is also one of the most fundamental modules to the story, more importantly to the characters.
    This body of writing explores the evolution of Batman, visually and narratively. This examination will focus around how certain elements from his development built up to become the essential pillars to how the character is generally perceived today. Elaborating on the cavernous explorations of his character and other central characters within the Batman mythos, how Batman’s own psyche deals with duality in relation to Carl Jung’s ideas concerning the dark aspects of identity. Furthermore, we shall focus on the dynamic between himself and his counterpart, the Joker, paying attention to the central component of conflict, the element that makes their dynamic so compelling. It is a conflict that manifests itself mentally as well as physically, displayed in violent acts that hold an underlying intellectual and philosophical conversation between these opposing forces.

  • 12.6.2017

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