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  • Icelandair digital development : a focus on digital development to gain or maintain a competitive advantage
  • Bachelor's
  • Academic research generally supports that digital development offers opportunities to enhance operational efficiency, and gain or maintain competitive advantage for companies. In the case of Icelandair, aviation consultants and internal stakeholders also support these efforts, and are of the common opinion that digital developments are vital to the company’s future success.
    Icelandair’s current digital development efforts are focused on processes which directly relate to the Marketing and Sales division, and its requirements. Our analysis of Icelandair’s business and operations supports that digital development efforts and its impact on operational efficiency, is vital for the organisation. It should continue to focus on digital development to enhance the operational efficiency, and gain or maintain competitive advantage.
    On the other hand, our analysis suggests that Icelandair’s current approach to digital development inhibits the organisation to take full advantage of the presented opportunities. The absence of an implementation plan in relation to pan-organisational requirement analysis, digital strategy, and information flow is inhibiting company and could possibly hinder future efforts.
    In this thesis, we present several proposals which we believe that Icelandair needs to undertake to correct the course of its current and future digital development efforts to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by digital development.

  • Jun 12, 2017
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/28107

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