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    This paper is an overview of the theoretical landscape that I situate my practice in. I will be discussing sound and silence and the importance of them. When one thinks or speaks of sound it is of utmost importance to note that there is sound and then there is sound. In physics sound is a pressure wave that needs a medium, such as air or water, to travel though, from a sound source to one’s ear. The medium has a huge influence on how the sound travels, it influences the speed of the sound which in turn influences the frequency of it. In our normal earthly environment we are constantly exposed to sounds that are affecting us in four major ways: physically, psychologically, behaviorally and cognitively. Some sounds have a good effect on us but many have an adverse effect. The amplitude and the frequency of the sound is a huge factor in how we perceive the sound and how it affects us. Even in the quietest place on earth sound will affect a person. The person will become the sound as the person will start to hear the blood flow in its own veins and hear the lungs move as he or she in- and exhales which leads to the question if there is really such a thing as complete silence. Sound can also be perceived through other senses then hearing. We can see the effects of sound when it resonates with objects and makes them vibrate, in the same way as we feel sound when it hits us. We can feel the effects of sound even if we can’t hear it and that can sometimes mess with the human psyche. What can I as a designer do to maximize the positive and minimize the negative effects of sound?

  • 12.6.2017

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