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  • Titill er á ensku Tarinointi : visual storytelling
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    Storytelling has withstood the test of time, preserving culture, history and communication. With the evolution of creative forms and communication methods, we observe how traditional storytelling has changed, adapted and transformed with time. With the development of technology we observe how technology hyperconnects us while simultaneously disconnecting us. To investigate new methods of creating human connection through stoytelling, music will be experimented as a storytelling medium and further combined with visuals to produce a cinematic and creative listening experience.
    Through the creative process and artistic reflection of the project, Tarinointi, this paper aims to explore a nine month process of constructing an idea, composing music and working in collaboration with three filmmakers. Tarinointi is an exploration of storytelling through music and composed visuals inspired by the music. Themes that emerged from the artistic research include collaboration, vulneability, trust and human connection. This idea of visual storytelling will further be contextualised by investigating into similar projects and artists who are creating projects within a similar framework. The presence of visual storytelling is increasing in a number of areas, especially within the artistic and musical worlds. The importance, the evolution and the future of storytelling is integral to this project, observing how artists are moving in new directions combining their music with other art forms.

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  • 20.6.2017

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