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  • Titill er á ensku Consumer complaint behaviour on Facebook and Twitter brand pages
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    The aim of this thesis is to find out what customers are trying to communicate to companies through social media brand pages. Companies have more presence and dedicate an ever-growing part of their marketing budget to social media. It is therefore important for companies to understand how consumers are using social media and what channels they are using to complain or ask questions. The research was conducted to understand the negativity on Icelandic social media brand pages. Little research has been done on online complaints from actual circumstances. The purpose of this study is to observe comments on brand pages on Facebook and Twitter, and to find out what kind of comments are left on social media brand pages. What kind of complaints, what their objectives are and if there is a difference between the complaints on Facebook and Twitter.
    The ideal methodology to complete this study is to use observational netnography, which is an online version of ethnography and is an interpretive research method (Kozinets, 2010). In total, 522 comments on brand pages were collected on both Twitter and Facebook during a three-month period in 2016. The results of the study indicate that consumers are complaining and asking questions on company brand pages on Facebook. On Twitter, users were complaining but also praising. The objectives of the complaints on Facebook were found to be seeking advice and venting, whereas on Twitter, however, there was a higher percentage of venting than seeking advice. This research contributes to the literature on online complaints with netnography, and how to observe comments on social media brand pages. Based on the observations made, this thesis attempts to guide marketing managers on how to have a successful communication on brand pages. The research will also serve as an important reminder to managers that the power of social media is immense and it needs to be carefully monitored.
    Keywords: Consumer complaint behaviour, social media, netnography, Facebook, Twitter, online complaints, retail, restaurants, and telecommunications.

  • 10.8.2017

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