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  • Titill er á ensku How aquaponics can improve aquaculture and help feed a hungry world
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    Aquaponics is the practice of combining aquaculture with hydroponics. This methodology not only improves the water quality of aquaculture effluent, but also maximises the use of the resources involved in fish and vegetable production. Aquaponics, and the related model of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture, are still at relatively early stages of research and development, but they have great potential to improve the way that aquaculture is managed, to increase the value of aquaculture businesses, and to increase the amount of sustainably produced food available for human consumption.
    This thesis explores the idea that aquaponics is a viable and important production strategy because its design is based on the interconnectedness of an ecosystem; this is the principle of agroecology, which some say is vital for the future of agriculture.
    Part of the project is a case study of an Icelandic aquaculture company, Matorka, whose directors were interested in re-designing their production system to incorporate aquaponics principles and increase the amount and variety of marketable produce. A trial was conducted in collaboration with the company, to grow edible plants using the aquaculture effluent, and scientifically analyse the nutrient content of the water in different parts of the system. The results of the trial may be used by Matorka to help improve the sustainability of their business in the future.
    The discussion in this thesis uses the results of the trial and other literature to demonstrate that aquaponics has the potential to improve aquaculture, advance ecosystem-based coastal management and contribute to international sustainable development goals.

  • 14.8.2017

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