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  • Titill er á ensku Assessing the effectiveness of a bottom up approach to marine protected area management : a study of Beqa Island, Fiji
  • Meistara
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    This thesis considers the problems encountered when dealing with socially enforced protected areas, known as Tabu areas, using Beqa Island within Fiji as a Case study. By evaluating the health of the reef using indicator fish, coral cover, Coral:Macroalgae and Coral:Expired Coral and looking at levels of overfishing using overfishing indicator fish. There were no statistically significant results between Tabu areas and non-Tabu, this shows the shortcomings associated with using a bottom-up approach and how they are not always effective. By incorporating government managed strategies, it is theorised about how we could improve the declining reefs which surround Beqa, in a way which are approved by local populations. By doing this a management plan can be initiated, this management plan considers each individual problem that these reefs face, peer-pressure enforcement, rules open to interpretation, boat routes passing through the current Tabu areas, little mangrove protection and reefs which need rubble removed and coral restoration. The management plan which is recommended suggests incorporating the government into these areas, providing enforcement, improving education, utilizing adaptive co-management, monitoring reef health and adding both coral and mangrove nurseries to the surrounding areas. These are recommended for a period of roughly 10 years, after this, it is recommended to revert to Tabu areas, with small amounts of government funding and monitoring, as the risk of Beqa Island losing its cultural identity was such a large concern. These recommendations are hopefully sustainable for the villages which rely on these reefs, as well as the flora and fauna which reside in them.

  • 14.8.2017

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