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  • SAGA project: Networking & Diverse Interaction for Dynamic Interactive Stories
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    The SAGA project combines different techniques in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically simulating and adapt stories in a game. This report is on the work done with connecting the SAGA project to a new game environment made in unity.
    Artificial intelligence (A.I) has been a part of games for over half a century. It is principally used to increase the players experience by giving the player better opponents in games. However there are more ways to use A.I to further player’s experience and this project explores the
    idea to use A.I as an interactive storyteller. Storytelling in games has in the past been done by writers telling a narrative. Now we explore the idea of having A.I that picks stories to tell based on preconditions present in the game. We were given such a system and a game to connect it to.
    The A.I system is called Saga (Simulate, Acquire, Generate and Adapt) that finds the stories.
    The game is a Viking village made in unity game engine. Connecting these two components, exploring the interaction paradigms for the player in the game and trying to expand upon them were the main focus of the project.

  • 5.9.2017

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