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  • Titill er á ensku The changing path of Chinese New Year
  • Bakkalár
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    When speaking of the Chinese Spring Festival (also known as the Chinese New Year), people
    are often reminded of their childhoods. Looking back, the middle age and older generations)
    in the past, many people´s experience of the Chinese Spring Festival was much richer then
    than it is now. Today, most people think of the Spring Festival as free time from work or
    school, an opportunity for just eating and drinking. They observe the holiday period because
    it's a tradition they learned from their parents and grandparents. Unfortunately, the Spring
    Festival has lost some of its cultural base, In any case, the meaning of the Spring Festival is
    gradually disappearing (Tang, 2017)
    In this thesis I am addressing myself to the scrutiny of the customs and traditions of the
    Chinese Spring Festival. As a celebration it can be viewed as the nation’s traditional culture in
    action. Examining it helps us to understand the ordinary Chinese people who celebrate the
    New Year festival with their families, carrying out its customs and activites. Through close
    study it is also possible to discover what part of this heritage is important to them still in the
    modern world. My study also aims to explain the changees, and different stages of
    improvement, in the living standards of Chinese people as those have formed and developed
    with the passing of time. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to focus on what the main
    customs are in the celebration of the Chinese Spring festival, and what has been partly lost in
    the carrying out of these traditions in recent times.
    This paper is arranged as follows. First, the analyzing of the Spring Festival´s meaning. There
    are eight main customs which most Chinese people know and follow. Second, focus on what
    customs are changing as time goes by. And the third, what are the main causes of Chinese
    people being less and less interested in the own traditional customs like the Chinese New

  • 11.9.2017

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