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  • Titill er á ensku Research of selection and decision process in software product development projects
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  • This paper is an attempt to analyze decision-making in relation to new product development at a number of Icelandic software companies. It is a reflective analysis supported by theories on project management and research on new product development (NPD) and software development projects. Additional theories will be utilized as needed but the goal is to achieve a holistic observation on the new product development process and what could be applied to increase the effectiveness.
    In recent years, the Software Industry has grown exponentially while new methods of running projects have emerged simultaneously. Those methods grow from fertile grounds of innovation and iterative methodology with the aim to produce new products, quicker and better aligned to the requirements set forth by the customer and relevant stakeholders.
    While increasing productivity and allowing rapid development, some indication points to the direction that the decision making and strategic evaluation is undeveloped. This thesis will look at current state of decision making in the Icelandic Software industry. The main findings of the thesis are that the process of evaluating, selecting and deciding on NPD in the Icelandic software industry is underdeveloped and should be more formalized to be better suited for maximum results. The thesis will also identify and suggest how common models and best practices could be applicable to optimize the resources and end result.

  • 11.9.2017

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