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  • Titill er á ensku E.V.A.C. - A Validation Study. A content and construct validation of a serious game about fire safety.
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    Serious games are games with a purpose beyond entertaining the player. In order to prove that a serious game meets its purpose it must be validated, which is the process of collecting validity evidence to evaluate the various attributes of the game and the effect it has on the players. This thesis is a validation study of E.V.A.C. – a prototype serious game about fire safety. It is intended to demonstrate how one might go about gathering validity evidence for construct and content validity of a serious game. Construct validation evaluates whether the game does what it is supposed to do, make the players think and learn about fire safety. Content validation estimates the validity of the lessons based on a detailed examination by experts. A series of playtests was conducted with firemen and students aged 11-12. It was found that the game demonstrates good construct validity and acceptable content validity.

  • 19.9.2017

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