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Thesis (Bachelor's)

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  • The emerge of a 2-dimensional global society. The exploitation of the social media, herd behavior, moral panics and the 5th estate
  • Bachelor's
  • We live in a 2-dimensional global society divided between the physical world and the virtual world both representing the social reality but constructed into different norms and standards, that each defines the contemporary post-modern information society that we all globally have become a part of. This thesis gives an abstract overview of the significant determination of the virtual world implying different perspectives on everything from micro to macro, from social to political, from mental to biological with the intention of broadening the attention on sudden societal transformation as a function of rapid technological processes. Excluding the virtual world when analysing the behaviour of individuals in all global societies increases the possibility of research bias as technology has become the society today. The new virtual world has become a more significant agent of change than the physical world and this new world should never be taken for granted. This thesis will hopefully be an inspiration, despite its abstractness, for future scientists emphasising these issues.

  • Jan 15, 2018
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/29414

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