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  • Titill er á ensku Advertising on social media: Consumer´s attitude and behaviour towards social media advertising
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    Advertising today is different from what it used to be before the usage of social media got to the stage that it is today. Marketers are facing a new reality which involves the consumer as a part of the marketing matrix, involving them more and with the help of influencers, the advertisement is more direct, and it’s easier to reach the market segment for that product or service. Advertising is everywhere today, and with increased usage of technology, majority of people have their smartphone in their hands, work on computers, watch television or listen to the radio so the stimuli are constant during the day to day basis of people's lives. Therefore, it is interesting to research whether this constant exposure of advertising is influencing people's attitudes towards products or services. The purpose of this study was to find out whether an advertisement in general on social media affects the attitudes of people regarding products or services and their purchasing behaviour. Advertising, in general, can include direct advertisements, cooperation and unclear advertising on social mediums. Further, to see if a person’s demographic profile affects the attitude towards these advertisements and the effect on the purchasing behaviour. A framework was based on the literature and from that, a market research was conducted. Total of 375 individuals participated by answering an online questionnaire regarding advertising. The findings reveal that advertising on social media does affect the attitude and behaviour of the consumer, in relation to reliability towards a product or service and the purchasing decisions. Further, the findings revealed that there is a significant difference between groups in relation to different behaviours and believes, whether it is a relation to a difference between genders, age groups or relationship status. Other findings reveal that influencer on social media also affects the attitude and behaviour of the consumer towards a product or a service. The conclusion is that advertising and influencers on social media affect the consumer behaviour towards a product or a service, both in a positive and negative way.
    Keywords: marketing, advertising, social media, influencers, attitudes

  • 15.2.2018

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