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  • Titill er á ensku The Strange Case of Mrs. Darling's Kiss: Why Peter and Wendy Needs a New Icelandic Translation
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    This essay explores the history behind the story and the character of Peter Pan, who was created by the Scottish author J. M. Barrie at the beginning of the 20th century, and how they continue to entertain readers and audiences today. It demonstrates how the character of Peter Pan was formed in the mind of the author long before the story was published, due to his older brother’s death at thirteen, and his acquaintance with a family of five young boys. It further addresses how the story was not written as a children’s story originally, as the character first appeared in a short story collection for adults, and how the novel Peter and Wendy is meant to entertain children and adults alike. The existence of the story of Peter Pan in Icelandic literature is then considered through different translations and the implications of the fact that there is only one Icelandic translation in existence which presents the novel as a whole, and not as a shortened, simplified children’s book, adapted to suit very young readers through illustrations rather than text. Lastly, a translation by Sigríður Thorlacius from 1947 is examined, demonstrating how the language is antiquated, and the narration abridged in such a manner that it fails to address the adult reader, which results in my conclusion that the novel is in need of a new Icelandic translation. The essay’s appendix includes my translation of the novel’s first chapter.

  • 10.4.2018

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