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  • Titill er á ensku Breaking the Bonds of Destiny: On Writing the Fantasy Novella Illusions of Grandeur
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    The following MA thesis is a creative writing project which is a combination of a fantasy novella of approximately 26,000 words and an expository essay detailing the writing process as a whole of approximately 5,500 words.
    The novella is set in a fantasy world where the backstory is that a small group of villages band together and cross a great sea to find a new place to live, and a better future for them and their children. Shortly after they arrive, they encounter a villainous sorcerer, who gives them an ultimatum: pay a terrible price and they would be protected, or refuse and be destroyed. The novella begins years later, when the few villages that remain are barely surviving. In one such village lives Jax, a young man of sixteen, who has been irrevocably marked by the foul deal his ancestors made. All his life he has let others make decisions for him, as if he has no say in his life or his future. However, when the sorcerer returns to exact his price, Jax must decide whether to make peace with his destiny, or struggle against it and become his own man in the process.
    In the expository portion I delve into the writing process; what tools and methods I used in writing the story. I detail the difficulties I faced in getting started and the process of building this fantasy world. I also look at the setting and the themes that are explored in the story. One chapter is centered around how I created the characters in the story. I go deeper into their personalities, their fears and desires, along with what I used for inspiration in creating them. Lastly there is a chapter on the editing process; what changes and fixes I made, both from the natural process of writing the story and from seeing what worked and what didn’t, along with changes I made because of notes I received from my supervisor. I hope that this will give the reader a deeper understanding of the story along with a glimpse into my creative writing process.

  • 30.4.2018

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