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  • Titill er á ensku "Just trash, me and you. It's in everything we do" Environmental concern and consumer behavior in relation to food packaging
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    The environment has been a controversial subject of discussion for a long time. Many disagree about whether the state of the environment is as serious as news agencies, academics, or policymakers globally make it out to be. Increased consumer awareness of environmental issues has become apparent, as consumers gradually call for solutions from both policymakers and companies to decrease environmental impact.
    The objective of this research was to explore Icelandic consumer behavior in relation to food packaging; to see whether a relationship exists between consumer environmental concern and behavior with regards to purchasing and recycling food packaging. To do this, we based our framework on Ajzen's Theory of planned Behavior and adapted it to increase predictability. The data were obtained through an electronic quantitative survey, with 303 responses received.
    The results indicated that environmental concern does correlate to values and beliefs Icelandic consumers might have; that is, if consumers perceive that they have a moral obligation toward the environment, or if consumers perceive individuals important to them to be exhibiting behaviors of either purchasing environmentally friendly packaged food products or recycling food packaging, then they themselves are likelier to purchase products in environmentally friendly packaging and recycling packaging. The results also showed that if consumers perceive that they have control over their recycling behavior, they're more likely to participate in recycling. However, the same cannot be said of their purchasing behavior and provides an opportunity for further research.
    The study's contribution was twofold: a theoretical analysis provided a deeper understanding of which factors predict pro-environmental consumer behavior. The practical contribution was mostly for policymakers - since consumers are exhibiting increasing environmental concern, policymakers can further increase awareness of environmental issues among the public, which can lead to more pro-environmental behavior.

  • 2.5.2018

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