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  • Business and Security: Security in the Icelandic Travel Industry
  • Meistara
  • This research-based thesis is about business and security in the Icelandic Travel Industry. The conclusion supports the hypothesis which is that businesses that are highly regulated and have foreign ties and partners are more likely to be aware of a bigger range of security issues and use more kinds of solutions, than small ones working only within the Icelandic market and with limited or no global ties.
    This study will be looking at three respects in which security issues - in the new wider international definition - are relevant for enterprises in the Icelandic travel industry: their own survival, responsibility to clients, and relevance to global threats (e.g. terrorism, smuggling). How aware are businesses in the Icelandic travel industry of the three types of security connection applying to them; of their related responsibilities; and of the range of options (conceptual, professional, public-private partnership) for dealing with these in the present environment?

  • 5.6.2009

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