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  • Titill er á ensku main() { printf("hello, world\n"); }: An Essay on Kenneth Goldsmith
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    The foundation to literary studies, are the conflicts and discussions around it, for without the cultural developments, literature would be stuck in a rut. Seeing how we are in the middle of vast developing technological advancement, this essay will be an attempt to explore the effects it has on literature, as well as how literature reacts to these developments. This will be done through an analysis of the works of Kenneth Goldsmith, specifically his books Day and Fidget, which go against the traditional values of a literary work and are the preliminary works to the two chapters the essay is divided into. The essay begins with an overview on Goldsmith’s poetics, with a little bit of controversy and context, along with a short introduction to the main sidekick to Goldsmith’s works, Walter Benjamin. The first half of the second chapter of the thesis focuses mainly on Benjamin’s essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction“ and the course of art from the beginning of the 20th century along with Alexander Alberro’s essay “Reconsidering Conceptual Art, 1966-1977”. The main speculations evolve around the invention of photography, in pursuit to connect the modifications it had on art to the alterations literature is forced through in the era of the internet. Whereas in the second half, the book Fidget will be shortly analysed based on the notion of materialized language. The third and final chapter is a coherent overview of the book Day along with the development of conceptual art, mainly derived from Alexander Alberro, and the ideas of originality it provides, courtesy of Rosalind Krauss, which connects to discussions around ownership and there on to recycling language based on linguistics and a little bit of semiotics.

  • 9.5.2018

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