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  • Titill er á ensku Re-regulating the Swedish pharmacy system. Analysing arguments of key actors: A documentary analysis
  • Endurskoðun regluverks lyfjasmásölu í Svíþjóð. Greining á röksemdum hagsmunaaðila
  • Meistara
  • The Swedish government decided on 21 September 2006 to appoint a special investigator with the task to make proposals that will allow involved stakeholders other than Apoteket AB to sell drugs, and secondly, make proposals for the sale of non-prescription drugs outside pharmacies. The aim of the re-regulation (s. avreglering) according to the government is to achieve efficiency gains, better accessibility for consumers, price pressure, and safe and appropriate use of medical products. The inquiry report (s. utredning) “Re-regulation of pharmacy market SOU 2008:4” was sent to 130 actors for comment before finalising proposals for new laws and regulations.
    The aim of this study was to examine the main arguments used by actors in relation to the formal inquiry regarding the abolishment of the current Swedish community pharmacy system.
    This project is a case study, using documentary analysis with the purpose to examine the background of the development of restructuring of the Swedish pharmacy system. Analysis of the source material was based on the Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF). Data sources consisted of selected documents containing formal responses of key actors about the re-regulation of the pharmacy system in Sweden were selected and analyzed.
    No main streams of arguments were to be found from opposite sides of the debate on re-regulation. Instead, the main arguments consisted of different comments about the inquiry itself and what was found missing in the inquiry report. Both sides stressed the importance of equal access, safety and quality of medicines and pharmacies in the whole country with no exception for thinly populated areas. Many actors shared the view that the goal of better use of medicines was important and agreed that there is much to gain by using pharmacies in attaining this goal to benefit individuals and society.

  • 10.6.2009

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