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  • Titill er á ensku The Potential of Synesthesia in Linguistic Research
  • Bakkalár
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    Synesthesia is a neurological condition typically described as a merging of the senses. In recent decades, the subject has risen from obscurity to become a rapidly growing area of study. This research has laid the groundwork for future studies, and in recent years researchers have begun to move beyond description and towards grander questions regarding the implications of synesthesia within the field of cognitive science. Moreover, studies have revealed a close and complex relationship between synesthesia and language. Using these findings as a starting point, this thesis discusses how studying synesthesia can provide insights into broader psycholinguistic questions.
    This essay begins by providing a general overview of synesthesia and discussing how recent research has established its relevance to language. The following section explores how research on synesthesia can be elucidate broader linguistic investigations of subjects such as language acquisition, reading, and patterns of non-arbitrary biases within language. Using these insights, this thesis then proposes future directions for the study of synesthesia, arguing that it can be used to answer questions about the relationship between word form and meaning. In the final body section, this thesis proposes that synesthesia can be used directly as a tool to test hypotheses in an experimental setting. These various investigations demonstrate that synesthesia has great potential to provide insights into language. In this manner, this thesis highlights synesthesia as a new and growing area of interest to linguistic research and proposes various new avenues for future study.

  • 11.5.2018

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