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  • Titill er á ensku The Battle of Maldon: An Analysis of the Icelandic Translation by Sigurjón Páll Ísaksson
  • Bakkalár
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    Despite existing more than 1000 years apart, Old English and Modern Icelandic are closely related languages. Old English texts can be faithfully translated to Icelandic with relative ease and the subject matter of many Old English texts is closely related to Icelandic and Scandinavian history. The Battle of Maldon is one such example, as it tells of Danish Vikings who raided the eastern shoreline of Britain in the ninth and tenth century. In addition to this historic connection, the metre and form of Old English poetry closely resembles old Icelandic traditions, furthering this ease of access to an Icelandic translator or reader. Despite all these qualities, Old English stories and poetry have been neglected by Icelandic scholars except for a select number of professors and language enthusiasts. One such enthusiast is Sigurjón Páll Ísaksson. He made the only existing Icelandic translation of The Battle of Maldon and published in 2014 after venturing to the poem‘s historic grounds in South-Eastern England. This thesis explores Sigurjón‘s translation with regard to his attempts to convert the Old English poetic style to the Icelandic fornyrðislag, specifically focusing on his choices towards alliteration, metre and form. The thesis includes word-for-word comparisons of selected passages from the poem and, despite not being meant as a critique of Sigurjón’s work, includes arguments for or against specific translation choices. As well as focusing on the poetic aspects of the translation, special mention is made of the etymological connections of the two languages and extended points are made about the etymological choices that Sigurjón makes. As well as being an analysis, the thesis offers information about the history and preservation of the text and refers to scholars of Old English and their varied opinions on certain elements within the poem.

  • 11.5.2018

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