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  • Titill er á ensku Allow to leak
  • Meistara
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    The simultaneous experience of multiple presence leads me to the inquiry of how to break away from a paralyzing flood of repetitive value systems in a continuous stream of the contemporaneity. This disruption demands a solidification of a continuously uncertain liquid state, which allows one to perceive a petrified standstill – a dialectical moment in an experienced now. Through the petrified lumps, a new set of relations is created that floats in the consciousness of an experienced now. This fleeting moment of the experienced now is loaded with significance towards a foreseeable future perspective, as well as the recognition of one’s own initiative in the present.
    Apart from that this essay should be an encouragement to cross red traffic lights more often, it is an investigation on cultural historical development and the thereout generated circumstances of our present. This essay explores the condition of the contemporaneity as a concept and is aiming to shed light on the limits and boundaries of this notion. I will point out that the contemporary circumstances did not just lead to a condition of simultaneity and displacement on one’s awareness of time and space, but also what effect this condition has on contemporary art. Based on contemporary art, which can be seen as a direct result of these conditions, I will contextualize my own artistic practice alongside other artistic positions. Furthermore, I will elaborate a concept of a more applicable perception of the present, which is achieved through an inner intuitive confrontation of an experienced now. Out of this realization, a suggestion will be elaborated on how to create meaning through intellectual sympathy, rather than a predetermined structure of a metaphorical connoted succession of knowledge. As a conclusion, a suggestion of how to break with the concept of contemporaneity is offered, which enables one to engage with a present, allowing speculative future perspectives.

  • 11.6.2018

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