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  • Titill er á ensku Hosts and Guests : an investigation of moral value systems in relation to nature
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    In this MA thesis I will investigate the term “Self-Realization” by Arne Næss as an ecological approach to everyday life, and how this can be applied to artistic practice. From researching biological phenomenon’s a critical comparison of social structures with biology is developed as a tools for creating dialogues about ecology within culture. The anthropogenic relationship to nature is being investigated in healing traditions, Old Norse heritage, as well as western art history and contemporary art, in order to demonstrate the journey and change of interpretation through time and across cultures. The motivation for this thesis is to mediate upon a language of intuitive education of nature. It has been a challenge of positioning my self as an artist in the western world, understanding heritage of perception, of preconceived ideas about ecology and foremost the responsibility of humans in this regard. The thesis is arguing why this is relevant for the field of art to include and investigate, with the purpose of being a mediator of contemporary political environmental issues, but also as a field for knowledge production. Art is a field that allows broad research that is decentralized, which is important in today’s development of moving beyond the western idea of science as total knowledge, and opening the ecological discussion to sensitive topics that can embrace diversity. The thesis is investigating various subjects with a focus on considering other species equally to Humans, with aim to reflect and learn from our own and others behaviors.

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  • 11.6.2018

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