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  • Titill er á ensku Tender Points : playful tools for communicating our health
  • Júní 2018
  • Útdráttur er á ensku

    When shadowing doctors and psychologists in American and Icelandic clinics, I often saw patients struggle to describe their pain or how they felt because they lacked the words to do so. This project aims to provide playful tools for navigating our emotions, pains, and thinking patterns – intangible yet key factors that define our daily lives.
    We often think of pain as a divisive experience – an impenetrable mass between how we are and who we want to be. Can we better communicate emotions and experiences that we individualize, such as loneliness or stress, but actually all silently share? Can deconstructing our pains enable us to realign our splintered selves?
    Play provides children with the means to manifest their understandings of the world – a space to play, to fall and cry, to bond and connect. It offers the opportunity to stretch ideas, develop perspective, and situate one’s self in relation to others without fear of failure or the pressure of perfection. It mediates inner experience and outer reality. Surprisingly, most of us do not engage with play as adults – the time of life when stakes are highest and a safe space to reflect and experiment would be incredibly useful.
    Through design and play, Tender Points seeks to facilitate communication of our pains and emotions, and spark different ways of relating our inner selves to the external world.

  • 11.6.2018

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