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  • Titill er á ensku Fast fashion and sustainability
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    The fashion industry has changed drastically the last twenty years. It has expanded so rapidly that the natural resources of our planet cannot withstand it. Sustainability is a word frequently used by big companies, in the fashion industry. Although sustainability does not have a specific definition until put in reference to what the speaker wants to maintain. The lack of definition creates miscommunication between the industry and the consumers. Today we are constantly exposed to advertisement and trends telling us what to buy. We regularly buy new garments and then dispose of the old; this results in massive amounts of waste in landfills. H&M claims to be the leaders of change, when it comes to sustainability. However, being the second largest company in the fast fashion industry, there are reasons to question their sustainability efforts. The aim with this thesis is to understand the meaning of sustainability in terms of the fashion industry today, and with a focus on H&M I will investigate their actions and achievements regarding their sustainability efforts.

  • 12.6.2018

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