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    Tempo is the company behind one of the most popular extension in the Jira project management eco-system. Among it's features is a timesheet management tool where users can record and log work hours.
    Recording of work hours is an important part of software development. Development teams typically keep record of the tasks they've completed, and how long it took them to complete them. By doing so, they can predict the amount of man hours needed to complete tasks similar to the ones kept in their records.
    The recording of work hours can be done through a simple work-clock found in many working environments, or timesheet solutions like the one presented by Tempo.
    Done manually, human error can interfere with record-keeping, and inaccurate records can lead to misinformed decisions being made by a team.
    Further, in software development, developer diligence is required for the recording of work hours. If a developer does not keep record of his work hours, he will need to fill any missing fields at some points with data gathered from, at worst, guesswork.
    This project was commissioned by Tempo with the intent to automate the recording of work hours through their services by developing a suite of Integrated Development Environment (IDE) extensions.

  • 13.6.2018

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