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  • Titill er á ensku Can it be argued that there is a business case for a new entrant into the waste management industry in Iceland?
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    The main objective of the study is to analyze the business environment of Icelandic waste management market and determine if current regulatory framework and structure of the waste management market has the potential to attract foreign investor and encourages innovation and competition among local firms from both public and private sector.
    The investigation will define the concept of internationalization based on collected literature and examine efficiency of possible entry modes which can be utilized by entrant in order to enter the Icelandic waste management market. Subsequent chapters will focus on defining characteristics of the Icelandic waste management along with main applicable legal regulations governing the market. Furthermore, the study will discuss the issues directly connected to innovation and competition in the Icelandic waste management market.
    The study will be conducted by gathering a set of primary data through a series semi-structured interviews with participants selected by the method of purposive sampling technique. Additionally, the reports composed by the competitive authorities in various countries, studies conducted by numerous researchers and data banks of independent organization will serve as a secondary data.
    Based on the detailed analysis of the Icelandic waste management market along with additional factors which have an impact on the overall performance of the market it is possible to stated that local authorities should focus on the creating sufficient incentives for the local firms operating in the waste management market in order to increase the competition and encourage innovation. Without following actions, it is highly unlikely that foreign firm will attempt to enter the Icelandic waste management market.

  • 14.6.2018

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