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  • Titill er á ensku Challenges and Opportunities for Inclusive Education in Ghana
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    Drawing on data from previous research, this article focuses on the challenges and opportunities of Inclusive education using Ghana as a case study. The purpose is to explore the situation of Inclusive education in Ghana and examine factors affecting the effective implementation and the opportunities of practicing inclusive education. The concept of inclusive education is an idea or process that involves both disabled and abled children together in an environment that is free and safe. The concept furthermore includes teaching methods, positive attitudes, buildings, and facilities. The conclusion shows that Ghana has initiated a policy to embark on the implementation and practice of inclusive education, that is, including disabled children in the regular schools. However, there are some challenges that affect the inclusion of disabled children in mainstream schools. The research considered the negative attitudes of families and people towards disabled children. In addition to that, the importance of the teacher´s attitude towards inclusive education is accentuated because if teachers are not trained to handle the disabled children in the classroom they can develop a negative attitude towards them. Lack of facilities is another of the challenges for the implementation and practice of inclusive education. The article argues that families and communities need to change. They have to accept disabled children to be part of the system rather than expecting them to adjust and conform to second class standards. Developing the education system for disabled children to take part calls for school development, training and providing necessary equipment to meet their participation in the regular school environment.
    Keywords: Ghana, inclusive education, special education, Salamanca Statement, Education Strategic Plan, teachers and parents attitude

  • 5.7.2018

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