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  • Women in the Arctic : economy, governance and politics
  • Meistara
  • The aim of my research is to stimulate greater coordination and will to share - at an Arctic level - the experiences of women's exercise of power for improving and widening the world-known Scan-dinavian leadership beyond the geographical borders of the Nordic region. This work offers an overview of the women's political and economic representation in the Arctic and of the theories and strategies which arose since the 1970s as related to women’s empowerment, particularly in the northern hemisphere. The research encompasses some of the most relevant fields of activities where the exercise of power has its strongest arena, i.e. Politics at any level and as Geopolitics (Peace and Security), Governance as one the most crucial issues in the praxis of every social action (bureaucracy, law, lobbies), Economy and Climate Change as ‘new entry’ and hot themes.
    The first chapters - two to seven - are dedicated to the historical frame of the women’s representa-tion in the political arena and in the economy, upon geographical areas and differences in cultures, a differentiation which I consider necessary and useful to understand the different paths and the pace of the gender equality country by country. Chapter eight examines the relevance of gender equality in the very critical and urgent issue of Climate Change. Other minor fields of investigation like women and journalism, women and science, women and environmental issues, women and the management of the seas and new sea routes, women in the NGOs, might complete this research with a further significance for future work, a huge task which for practical reasons I could not un-dertake.
    In the Appendix, I added some figures and data from prominent sources to give better visibility and proofs to the statements and findings.

  • 22.10.2018

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