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  • Titill er á ensku The effectiveness of co-management in small-scale fisheries, Robertsport, Liberia
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    Co-management involves the participation of all users in its management process. In small-scale fisheries it should serve as a surest way of maximizing long term communities’ benefit to deal with the dangers of fisheries mismanagement and poverty. Most of the fish consumed in the developing world are through the efforts of small-scale fisheries, yet they remain food insecure, lack access to the resources and opportunities needed to uplift them from the clutches of poverty It is obvious given the above that the need for effective co-management in small-scale fisheries and the shifting of management responsibilities to users is necessary as it minimize the impact of uncontrolled fishing practices which results in decline of the stock. This thesis explores the Cooperative Management Association (CMA) established in Robertsport, Liberia it examines the effects of such practice and propose to justify why its establishment in all other coastal counties in Liberia will alleviate the problem of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. In determining the effectiveness of co-management this study employed a survey using open ended questions. Findings from this study analysis depicts the extent to which the locals are empowered through the establishment of the CMA and establish how much impact in terms of proper governance has it had on the management of the resources. The significance of the results provides insight information about the effectiveness of co-management and how it could improve the resilience and stability of fishing communities. The Government of Liberia quest to safeguard marine and coastal resources, due to the number of families that rely on this sector for livelihood, the recommendation from this study will serve as an informative tool needed to advance other CMA projects in the eight remaining coastal counties of Liberia.
    Key words: Co-management, small- scale fisheries, effectiveness

  • 7.5.2019

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