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Thesis (Master's)

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  • Parents experience and views on the assessment and treatment for children with OCD within the Public Mental Health System in Iceland: A qualitative study
  • Master's
  • Access to evidence-based evaluation and treatment is fundamental for the prevention of long-lasting symptoms of OCD in children. In Iceland the law states that the general public should have access to the best possible healthcare (Act No. 74/1997) however a discrepancy is between the level of services provided by the Icelandic national mental healthcare system (NMHS) (National Audit Office, 2016) and the healthcare services defined by law (Act No. 40/2007) which can affect the services provide to children with OCD. No study has examined what services are accessible for children with OCD within the NMHS. This studies aim was to explore the course of the mental healthcare process within the NMHS for children with OCD concerning the referral procedure, evaluation and treatment and their parents personal experience and views on seeking these services. Data was gathered by interviewing seven parents using a semi-structured interview who had sought services within the NMHS for their children who were later diagnosed with OCD at private clinics. Responses were analysed using thematic framework analysis on the interview transcripts. Nineteen themes were identified, three overarching themes and eight overarching sub-themes and eight sub-themes within them. A prevalent theme was giving up on the national mental healthcare system as parents experience of access to mental healthcare for their children was often challenging. Lack of knowledge on where to get help and adequate evaluation of the issue at hand were also prominent problems for parents. As was not having access to psychology treatment for their child and healthcare workers responses and recommendations which resulted in parents seeking treatment at private clinics.

  • May 13, 2019
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/32912

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