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Thesis (Master's)

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  • Getting Employees to Advocate the Brand: Overlap and Collaboration Between Marketing and Human Resource Departments
  • Master's
  • Given the complexity of brands and how dynamic they are, they can be challenging to
    manage. Marketers spend so much energy and effort in figuring out how to impact,
    attract and retain customers that they often forget the people behind the brand, the
    employees. Brands are created from within by employees because employee attitudes
    and behavior affect consumer´s perception of the brand and thus dictate the brand´s
    performance. More attention has been paid to the impact human resource departments
    can have on influencing employee behaviour and align it with overall branding strategies.
    This thesis is based on interviews with five marketing managers and four human
    resource managers who work for organizations that operate in the Icelandic economy.
    The research is based on understanding how marketing departments and human
    resource departments can collaborate to create brand ambassadors. Nine semistructured
    in-depth interviews were conducted, and open-ended questions were asked.
    Six themes emerged from the interviews. All six themes inherited approaches marketing
    and human resource management departments can collectively take to turn employees
    into brand ambassadors. The interviews highlighted the importance of marketing and
    human resource management departments collaborating by implementing strategies
    that include employees in branding processes, establishing an effective internal
    communications platform and rewarding employee work contributions. This research
    proposes a model that conceptualizes how a relationship between marketing and human
    resource management departments can create brand ambassadors.

  • May 13, 2019
  • http://hdl.handle.net/1946/32936

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