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  • Titill er á ensku Engagement with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: A Case Study of Icelandic Energy Companies
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    The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of global goals that aim to not only tackle the urgent problems that the environment and society face today, but also to promote development and prosperity. The private sector has been called upon to act on the SDGs, specifically by stopping unsustainable consumption and production practices and by finding innovative solutions to societal problems, however, there is no standardized way for businesses to engage with or report on the SDGs. This study will explore how companies are engaging with and reporting on the SDGs through a case study of Icelandic energy companies. To discover this, representatives from five energy companies and one representative from the electricity and utility industry group were interviewed and the resulting themes were analyzed. In addition to interviews, the annual reports from the five companies were analyzed with a framework based on KMPG’s 2018 report “How to report on the SDGs” to determine the level of quality of reporting on the SDGs. Two of the companies interviewed had engaged with the SDGs and the other three were just beginning the process. This study finds that gender equality (SDG 5) and climate action (SDG 13) were the most highly prioritized of the SDGs and the reports met about half of the criteria for quality reporting on the SDGs. This study will contribute to growing field of research on the SDGs and provide practical information for companies looking to engage with the SDGs.

  • 14.5.2019

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