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  • True Fidelity? The Adaptation of High Fidelity
  • Bakkalár
  • High Fidelity is a novel written by Nick Hornby and was published in 1995. Five years later, a film with the same title was released world-wide. The film is an adaptation of the novel. I have decided to inspect what changes were made to the original story when it was adapted for the film. There were many changes made that are obvious to those who have both read the story and seen the film, such as the relocation of the setting from London to Chicago. But I found changes such as this
    one to be merely superficial changes. The changes I wanted to inspect were the ones made to the characters, theme and atmosphere.
    I found the theory of novel-to-film adaptation is relatively young in many respects. The adaptation process itself is perhaps as old as the cinema itself but the theoretical discussion of the process is by no means as extensive as it perhaps should be, considering how many novels and other literary works have been adapted for films. Critics have many times criticized film adaptations for not being as good as the original work. I found that his criticism can be unfair, as many adapted films are not trying to reproduce the original work but to reinvent it for a new format. This is the approach I wanted to make when inspecting the film adaptation of High Fidelity. I wanted to find out how the film-makers succeeded in making their own version of the story without betraying the original work. I have also applied the theories of adaptations to High Fidelity, and assessed how successful the film-makers were in adapting the original story – most importantly its characters, theme and atmosphere.

  • 31.1.2009

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