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  • House of Horrors: The Presidents Prisons. US Policy in the “War on Terror” and Treatment of Individuals in US Custody
  • Since the terrorist attacks on America in September 2001, the current US administration has put a lot of effort into capturing the individuals thought to be responsible for the attacks, in a war called “war on terror”. Once captured, they received the status of unlawful or enemy combatant, as opposed to the standard Prisoner of War status. The status of people caught up in war is important, since there are numerous treaties which specify the treatment of Prisoners of War. Some accounts have surfaced, on mistreatment or abuse of these individuals. If true, then that is in complete violation of international law and humanitarian treaties.
    This article addresses the issues at hand regarding the “war on terror”, international law and violations thereof. On the grounds of national security, intelligence and information gathering has been considered so essential, that the letter of the law and rules must be bent, changed or disregarded.
    The repercussions of violation of international law, could pose a great threat to the stability in the international arena, and have a ripple-effect unprecedented in modern history.

  • 5.10.2008

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