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  • Titill er á ensku Muninn : monitoring changes in the Icelandic Internet through repeated port scanning
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    The world is becoming ever more connected. Home routers, webcameras, databases,TVs and even garden sprinklers are all examples of devices that are now connected to the Internet. In this connected landscape hackers constantly look for vulnerable devices. A single version upgrade can mean the difference between a safe and compromised machine.In this paper we analyse the data made available by the port scanner Heimdallur. We aim to answer our research question: Can we monitor changes of the Icelandic Internet in semi real time through repeated port scanning? We constructed a new port scanner Muninn which utilizes historical information to scan even faster than previously possible. Muninn has two main uses. Firstly Muninn can obtain an updated view of all responsive IcelandicInternet services in just a few hours. This allows us to monitor any changes happening on the Internet. Secondly Muninn can find and monitor any specific set of services very closely.This can be crucial following the discovery of a vulnerability. It enables us to track any abnormal activity and see exactly for how long the machines remained vulnerable before updating to a safe version.

  • 28.5.2019

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