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  • Titill er á ensku How can Pipar\TBWA better utilise data for designing creative advertisements?
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    This thesis describes a case study conducted in an advertising agency located in Reykjavik, Iceland. The purpose of this case study was to see how data could potentially be utilised better for the creative design of advertisements. Access to data has become better for advertising agencies in recent years through online media. This raises the question: How can this increased access to data be translated into a better creative process? Researches have shown that creative advertising has a better success rate than advertising that does not qualify as being creative. Data for the case study was gathered through six interviews. Insights were also gained from two conferences, an internship conducted at the location and through a Data Guidebook given to the advertising agency. It was discovered that data might be put to a better creative use in two ways. Firstly, cooperation between the creatives and the market researchers could be closer and focused on the common goal of finding a divergence and relevance from the same data point. Secondly there is a need for improvement in the process of making creative social media content based on data. These discoveries show that as availability of data increases, the need grows for personnel that knows how to interpret data and how to put it to creative use. Closer cooperation between the departments that seek data for creative means should prove beneficial.
    Keywords: marketing, creative advertisement, data, creativity, creative environment

  • 4.6.2019

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