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  • Titill er á ensku Muslim face veils : oppressing or feminist?
  • Bakkalár
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    The Muslim face veils have become the subject of an international debate over the past years. The debate splits people between two groups. Those who sees the face veils as a symbol of a culture that oppresses women, and those who believe it can be seen a strong feminist symbol that protects women from sexual harassment and objectification. Great parts of the western world have opposed themselves against the Muslim culture and it’s face veils, as it is seen as female oppression. Several European countries have started the debate on whether the veils should be banned or not. Some countries have already enforced a ban and in August 2018 Denmark followed and declared a national ban against face veils. This thesis will depart in an introduction of the theories and concepts that were used in order to understand all aspects of the Danish ban, why it was found necessary and the possible factors behind it.
    The thesis will study how Dansk Folkeparti, the Danish right-winged conservative party, campaigned against the face veils. The chapter will look at how they have expressed a wish to help oppressed Muslim women with the ban during the debate, despite the fact that they are known for rallying against Muslims in an unfriendly and racist way.
    The last chapter will discuss if Muslim face veils really are oppressing or if they can be seen as feminist. It will question if the modesty and privacy of the female body, that Muslim culture is known for practicing, really is a symbol of true ownership over one’s body, compared to the western world where a more free mindset is trending and “owning” your sexuality is seen as a power.

  • 18.6.2019

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